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PKS Manufactures a wide variety of adapters and accessories to help broaden the scope of service that can be done with our lifts. Aligning with our business model of providing precisely what you need, in addition to the ones listed below, we have been known to provide custom adapters to fit your specific needs.


pdf  Turf Adapters
- for 2 Post Lifts

Our turf adapters are used in conjunction with our 2 post models to make lifting by the wheels very easy where there is no access to the proper pick up points of the vehicle. They were developed initially for the 2post unit that services lawn and turf mainenance vehicles, but can be used on anything with 4 wheels.

pdf  Bridge Jacks
- for 4 Post Lifts

Our rolling bridge jacks are available for all of our 4 post units and range from 9,000 lb to 40,000 lb lifting capacities. Power is supplied to the lifting cylinders via the air over hydraulic style treadle pumps. Included are adapters to increase the height that you could lift from 9", 13", and 17 " from the track on the runway to 17", 21" and 25".

pdf  Jack Stands
- for Mobile Lifts

Our jack stands are generally used in conjunction with our mobile lifts and enable the end user to have more than one vehicle in the air at the same time. They come in a variety of sizes and capacities ranging from 18,000 lb. to 30,000 lb. The plungers are spring loaded for very simple adjustment and very simple to maneuver thanks to a cleverly placed handle which allows it to be steered into place using it's two wheels.


pdf  Chassis Beams
- for Mobile Lifts

The chassis lifting beam is used in conjunction with and is available with all of our mobile lift models. Both ends are placed on where the truck wheels are supposed to contact the mobile lift, and by the use of adapters that slide across the i beam you are able to lift the truck by the chasis.

pdf  Truck Frame Adapters
- for Mobile Lifts

The recessed open beam 4 post lift shown in this picture has a capacity of 60,000 lbs. We have the capability to build open ended lifts in capacities ranging from 20,000 lbs to 130,000 lbs. Our truck frame adapters are simply adapters applied to a pair of an existing mobile column unit facilitating the lifting of passenger cars as well as light trucks weighing from 5000 lbs to 9000 lbs.

pdf  Forklift Adapters
- for Mobile Lifts

Fork adapters are available for all of our mobile lifting system capacities. It consists of a ramp attachment along with a lifting pad that attaches to the forks and an end stop. Also available as a drive thru style adapter. (see spec) The adapters are used in conjunction with only a pair of columns.

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